Crumbs and Doilies

Crumbs and Doilies

Hi Everyone!
It’s been almost a year since I got married and whilst currently fasting, I can only think and dream of crumbs and doilies..

Cupcakes are the new cakes…well I think so anyway. I did consider going for the traditional 3 tier wedding cake but I just couldn’t decide on how I wanted it to look and also what flavours to go for. So I had the genius idea of doing cupcakes instead 😀

Not only do they look super cute but it gives you the freedom to choose as many flavours and designs as you want.

The Bakery I chose was Crumbs and Doilies.

These guys are based in Soho and are hands down the best damn bakery ever! Honestly I am a baking addict and believe me when I say their cupcakes are to die for. So soft, so cute and so damn tasty. I follow Jemma (Owner and founder) religiously on Youtube. She uploads a new recipe every Thursday and yes I try them out for myself. Its how I learn people 😀

For my wedding cupcakes I decided on a 5 Tier Cupcake Tower with an assortment of flavours and sizes.
Well 2 sizes – Regular and Mini.

Red Velvet
Raspberry Ripple

I left the general decorating up to them as I love what they do but I did ask for 4 of the cupcakes to be decorated with Mr and Mrs and a doodle of bow tie, glasses and flowers.

The cupcakes were amazing as expected and my sister did a great job of setting up the table on the day 🙂
I almost didn’t get to have a cupcake on the day as there was so much going on but thankfully someone handed a mini red velvet to me. Thank you whoever that was x

They seriously need to open up a store in the North. These lot are missing out!!
I will be attempting to make Cupcake Jemma’s ‘Neapolitan Cupcakes’ so look out for those 🙂

Sam x

Photos by: @momentsbyshakira


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