RocketBook Wave – Smart notebook

You ready for a tech notebook that you can use over and over again?


This is one of my favourite pieces of tech right now. It’s comes in at £30 which is expensive for a notebook but let’s see whats unique about it.

It’s not an ordinary notebook. You have to use the special erasable pen Frixion pen. You can’t use any other pen because when you want to erase it all, you won’t be able to. The hype of this notebook is that you can erase everything from every page by putting it in the microwave… yes you heard me right, a microwave.

So, the good thing about the Rocketbook wave is that you can start again from scratch by just putting it in a microwave.

Your microwave must contain a rotating turntable. Ensure wave can safely spin without hitting the microwave walls. Then fill a coffee mug 3/4ths full of water. Place your wave into the microwave with the front facing up, then place the mug inside the blue circles near the centre of your book. Microwave your wave until the blue rocket logo inside the white circle disappears. Look through the window or open the door every 30 seconds to check. STOP when you see change! Flip your wave over and repeat the steps again with the back facing up this time. Use caution. The wave and mug may be hot. Allow the wave to cool for 3 minutes before touching. The wave and mug may be very hot! Allow the rocket logo at the front to re-appear.

Now one of the other great feature of this Rocketbook wave is that you can scan the page with your smartphone and upload it on the app. Wait… it gets better. At the bottom of each page you have different symbols which you can link it to different cloud services or emails. All you have to do is tick the service you linked it to and once you scan it, to uploads straight to the cloud or email.

I use this for my uni notes and I can say that it’s £30 well spent. I really do like the notebook as it has a premium feel. The only problem I have with the notebook is that if you are the type of person who writes down hard on the notebook, it will leave your markings. So, when you put it in the microwave to remove everything, you will still see an outline of what you have done in the notebook. I’ll be releasing a video on my channel of the microwavable feature and cloud feature.


  • Easy to set up
  • Premium feel
  • Can upload all notes to cloud with just a quick scan
  • App is easy to use
  • Can reuse notebook again


  • Expensive for a notebook (£30)
  • Could leave marks which wont fade away
  • Sometimes the app takes time to scan the page
  • Frixion pens are expensive compared to normal pens

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NB: All views are my own. I have not been endorsed by Rocketbook.


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