Hi everyone!

Hope all is well with you all in this baking heat! So, as you’re aware from my previous post about why posts have been delayed, I’ve decided to do a BACK2BACK post this weekend.

So, stay tuned – 2 posts will be uploaded today! To find out what I got in my April Glossybox, keep reading…


So, what did I get?
Here are my 5 products…

ELGON – Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner
MODELCO – Contour Stick
SPORTFX – Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil
MERCI HANDY – Love and Hand Cleansing Gel
RODIAl – Glamolash Mascara XXL

ELGON – Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner

I wasn’t too excited about receiving this product in my box, only because I don’t tend to use a lot of different hair products. Makes sense right, I wear a Hijab.

My hair tends to fall out quite a lot, especially due to all of the heat from wearing a Hijab, so I don’t ever use any new or different products in my hair. Obviously had to use this one however to let you guys know how it is!

Smells great, and feels great however I never noticed much of a difference from using it if i’m being entirely honest. Though, everyone has different hair so maybe it just didn’t suit my hair much. Think you should still give it a go and see what it does for you.

RRP: £14.50
SHOP: click HERE

MODELCO – Contour Stick

Ahhh the Contour Stick.

I was quite excited to start using this. Going to be honest here – I NEVER contour my face. Simply because I’ve never felt the need to and also, well…I’m lazy!

I’m quite fortunate, my cheekbones are high so it creates quite a nice shadow, hence the contour line. My nose however, I think could use a little contour. So, I started using this for it.

It’s so soft and easy to use. You don’t need to worry about getting it wrong because it’s literally a pencil. Just need to make sure you have a steady hand. It’s not too dark in colour and very easy to blend out. I really liked this and it’s become something I use every time I do a full face make-up. Laaav.

RRP: £17
SHOP: click HERE

SPORTFX – Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil

A girl can NEVER have too many eyeliners.


You never really realise when yours is going to finish, and you need an emergency one. Well, this has become my emergency one! Great thing about this one, it has two colours. Brown on one end, Black on the other.  This is how I like to use it, black to do my wing liner and the brown to line up my water line. It creates a really nice subtle look, especially for your ‘no make-up days’ – recommend!

RRP: £9.99
SHOP: click HERE

MERCI HANDY – Love and Hand Cleansing Gel

Well isn’t this a handy thing to receive?

Get it? Handy? Merci Handy? HA!

A brilliant product that we all need in our bags. It’s tiny, pocket sized and leaves your hands feeling sanitised, fresh, soft and hydrated. A recommended product all – if not this one then another for sure.

RRP: £2.90
SHOP: click HERE

RODIAl – Glamolash Mascara XXL


Another product we can never have enough of.

This has become my every day wear mascara. It’s quite heavy on the eyes but it works somehow. Wish I had a picture taken of me wearing it so I could show you guys on this post but unfortunately I just haven’t had a chance to. So, I will be posting it on our social media pages to show you all how it looks worn.

RRP: £24
SHOP: click HERE


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