Glossybox – March 2017


Hi everyone!

I’m baaaaaack! My sincere apologies for being MIA for so long. Most of you may already know, I was away on holiday in India and this pretty much messed up my routine of posting, along with all the planning for Sameena’s wedding this summer.

Sooo…this month, I will be posting all 3 boxes (March, April and May). Lots of goodies to share with you. To find out about all the goodies I received in my March Glossybox, keep on reading.


So, what did I get?
Here are my 5 products…

Sleek: Eye and Cheek Palette (A Midsummer’s Dream)
Hydro-Activ: Day Cream
Break Rules: Eye Cream
In Transit: moisturiser & primer
Schwarzkopf: Got2b playful

SLEEK – Eye and Cheek Palette (A Midsummer’s Dream)

I was SO excited for this box and it was all down to this beauty.

All Glossybox subscribers were sent an email to choose out of 4 different Sleek palettes. I obviously went for this one as I felt the colours in this palette suited and complimented my skin tone best as opposed to the other options (they were all too bright and daring for me!)

So, after opening this I just stared at how beautiful all the colours were. Seriously, I never wanted to touch it simply because I didn’t want to ruin it (ha!) I was right in believing the colours would suit my skin tone – it looked loveeely. Sleek have done really well with putting this palette together. It’s super pigmented and just looks effortlessly flawless once applied.

I’m still absolutely crap at applying eyeshadow so I’ll spare you all the look. However, I will be posting pictures of me wearing some of these on our Instagram/Facebook page so keep an eye out for that.

For me, this was a super hit! So pleased with this and I’m so happy I got to choose the palette I wanted.


Now, I’m always up for trying new products but I wasn’t too sure about this one. Only because of the mention of smoothing out/reducing fine lines.

My skin is still young and I didn’t want to be using something that is potentially made for wrinkles – at least I think so. I did use it a couple times but either it was me overthinking or I really did start noticing more lines and tightness around my under-eyes.

Based on that, I stopped using this product and put it to the side. I think it’s made more for those who actually have visible wrinkles that need to be worked on. For me however, this was a no-no.

Not cool Glossybox.


Eye Cream!

You’ve all seen from my non-make up pictures or even in person how BAD my under-eyes are. I have a skin condition where I have an uneven skintone. However, I suffer from dark circles around my entire eyes. This starts from the top of my eyes (under my brows) all the way down to the bottom of my eyes.

In easy terms – panda eyes.

It’s disgusting to me and I hate looking in the mirror sometimes because of it. I’ve always wanted to buy some eye cream to help this but they’re all SO expensive and I don’t want to spend that kind of money on something where I can’t guarantee if it’ll even work or not.

Then came along this!

It helped, but it only helped my under-eyes. If it got anywhere on my eyelids it would sting so much and cause my eyes to water and go red so I’d always have to be so careful when applying this.

I liked it and it helped quite a bit so I think I’m going to keep using this and see how the affects are once I’ve gotten through the whole tube. I’ll let you guys know how that goes!

IN TRANSIT: moisturiser & primer 

This was an interesting little one.

I don’t tend to spend much on primers. My moisturiser already acts as a primer for me. The only time I’d ever actually apply a primer is when I need my make up to sit all day long because I’ve an event or something.

So this one was pretty cool. I use it on a day-to-day basis so I don’t need to rinse my KIKO and MAC primer on a daily basis for a small amount of make-up.

Definitely an everyday kinda wear and I’d recommend it to all!


Obviously, me being a hijabi and all, I can’t exactly show you guys how amazing this product is but Sameena used it and swears by it. I just wish I had a picture of her hair from when she used this. I promise I’ll upload a picture of her using this products once I have one.

She said it smelt really nice and made her hair stay put all day which is amazing for her since she has horrible cray-cray hair! (basically, she has hair like a beast)

In her words – “Don’t think, just buy it!”


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