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It’s hereeeee! The much anticipated, ‘valentines’ box. I was looking really forward to this one. All that came to mind was red, floral and a bit more red when I thought of a Feb glossybox.

However, that isn’t what I got…

Keep reading to find out more.



So, what did I get?
Here are my 5 products…

Jeanne Arthes: L’Eau de Rose
Garnier: Ultimate Blends Honey Treasuers Strength Restorer Balm
La Theorie Des Volcans: Noir Eternae Youth Potion Face Scrub
MDMFlow: Semi-matte lipstick
Ciaté London: Paint Pot (Fade to Greige)

L’Eau de Rose

Now THIS was the perfect thing to put in a February box.

It looks like love and it smells like love.

The bottle is a small cute glass bottle that can easily fit into the bottom of your bag somewhere. This has such a strong floral scent to it. I’m not a huge fan of floral scents for perfume but this one was quite nice. Not too strong that it goes straight to your head and kills.

It’s quite subtle but has a slight kick to it. I’m not even sure if I’m describing this right, but believe me when I say, when you smell it, you think of spring. Literally.

This is definately going in my holiday bag and flying out with me next month. Oh yeah, did I mention, I’m going back home next month? India blog coming soon?

RRP: £20
SHOP: click HERE

Garnier Ultimate Blends

Now you know I can’t show you my hair but you’ll have to take my word on this one.

I have naturally long silky thin hair, which goes greasy the day after it’s been freshly washed. The frustration is unreal when it comes to my hair, but hey-ho…ya’ll can’t see it! Haha.

This hair mask was made to help nourish your hair and leave it looking glossy. My hair usually still ends up looking a little dry even after it’s been washed. Well, the roots does anyway, the rest of my hair is good. So I mainly used this on my roots and oh the wonder!

I’d love to show you if I could, but it really does leave your hair looking smooth and glossy. If you have dry dull looking hair like me, try giving this a go. Garnier always deliver.

RRP: £4.49
SHOP: click HERE

La Theorie Des Volcans

Have any of you heard of this brand before? I most certainly haven’t. No idea who they are and what they do, but I do love the packaging of this. It’s so colourful and so pretty.

So this is a face scrub, to be used on your face and neck. It smells quite nice. Don’t really know how to describe the scent but all I know is that it doesn’t stink otherwise there is no way in hell I’d let this touch my face.

It’s quite soft in texture and feels smooth when you’re massaging it over your face with your fingers. I used this for a good couple of minutes before rinsing it off my face and you can really feel the effects of it whilst using it. It’s so cool! It’s pink when you first use it but then turns grey as you massage it into your skin. How cool is that?!

It removes any dead skin and plumps up your skin to make it look young and smooth. I’ve been using this once a week as I think for my skin personally it’s a bit much. But it really is worth using every once in a while to cleanse your face up a little if you can’t be bothered to use a mask. It’s quite expensive so I’m glad I got this to use before I go out and buy it myself

RRP: £26
SHOP: click HERE

MDM Flow

Right, now I’m pissed.

Remember this lippy? I got it in my first Glossybox. December 2016, and for some reason, it was given to me…AGAIN. The exact same shade as well. So not impressed.

Oh, and it gets worse. It was DAMAGED!
The horror.

When I opened it, the whole lipstick was actually IN THE LID! What the hell? So I had to place the lid back on and then re-open it for it to go back to where it was supposed to be. And then I see that it was chipped from the tip. Come on guys. Don’t give me the same product twice and then send me a damaged one.


RRP: £18
SHOP: click HERE

Ciaté London

Guys, I LAAAAV Ciaté.

Their little pot is SO cute, and the brush it just perfectly shaped for my weird finger nails. The texture of their varnish and the selection of colours are amazing. I’ve got quite a few of their products and I love it. So, you can just imagine the excitement when I opened the box to find this little beauty sitting inside.

I don’t have this shade, nor do I have anything similar it. It is just the kind of colour I’d buy as well, so that was a bonus.

I really loved this and I hope they give me some more Ciaté nail varnish because a girl can never have enough. I mean, just look at how pretty it is!

RRP: £9
SHOP: click HERE

I am really enjoying my Glossybox subscription. The excitement of having something so cute and delivered to your door every month is just so satisfying. Especially if you’re a cosmetics junkie like me.

If you’d like to subscribe, DM me on our Instagram or Twitter page for a link and you’ll get 20% off your first box!
Or, email us at and I can send you your 20% glossy invite there.

Keep glossing!



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