I’ve been looking for a bag that will hold all my tech and something that I will be using daily.

I needed something that could handle my books, my laptop and gym equipment. After

searching through many options I came across this roll-top laptop bag and I knew this was

the one I had to get my hands on. This specific bag retails for £120 (link will be posted at the

end). The Brand ‘’Stighlorgan’’ has many different types of bags but the one I chose to go

with is the ‘’Ronan roll top backpack’’. This backpack come in a variety of different colours,

so, there is a style and look to suite all.

One of the main reasons I chose this bag was because of the special laptop compartment at

the back. You guys all know how precious my tech is, so I got to keep it protected. The bag

has a padded backing and is attached separately inside the bag so you don’t need to worry

about the laptop getting scratched or damaged in any way. It is a zipped compartment

which can fit laptops up to 15inches in size.

We all know that the weather in London isn’t always great but that won’t be a worry when

you get this backpack as the main fabric is weather resistant. It is lined with their custom

tarpaulin for even further waterproofing. Therefore, no matter the weather, the bag will not

be damaged in any way. This was a big plus for me as I don’t want any of my tech to be

ruined, especially due to electrical failure from the rain.

A problem that I have with most bags is that the strap always tends to rip off due to the

heavy load that I carry. Another amazing characteristic of this bag is the straps. They are not

sewn directly onto the bag. Instead there is an angle mobile shoulder strap design. The

shoulder straps are mounted on two D-rings which when automatically adjusted will

increase comfort and strength over long periods of time.

Of course, the bag has it bad points as well. Once of which is that the bag does not have zips

to close it. It has leather straps which fasten with custom Stighlorgan ball and post studs,

adapted from hard wearing military equipment. When I first got the bag, I found it annoying

when closing as it just took so long to close. But after you have had the bag for a while, you

get used to it and it becomes easier to handle. The backpack is very large and you can stuff

literally anything in there but I guess sometimes it’s too big to handle.

Overall, I would rate this bag an 8/10. Aside from the lack of zips and annoying straps this

bag is a pleasure to have.

Be sure to take a look at their site maybe you will find something that fits your needs.


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