GLOSSYBOX – January 2017


It’s here!
The first Glossybox of 2017 has arrived.

With it being the first box of 2017 and all, for me personally, there was some pressure for them to live up to the expectations otherwise I would have been super annoyed. In some way, it kind of determines how the rest of the boxes are going to be in the new year – no?

I was at work when the box arrived and had no idea until I got home. Literally ripped the package open to find this beautiful pink box to match the walls of my room. The excitement gets me every time, seriously.

So, want to know if the first 2017 box lived up to the excitement?
Keep reading..


This months edition was sponsored by Deliciously Stella.

My 5 products.
So what did I get?

UNANI: il-luminate milk cleanser
Spa To You: Natural Konjac Sponge
NIP + FAB: moisturiser
MANUKA HONEY: hydrating and moisturising Korean face mask
THE BALM COSMETICS: meet matt(e) trimony

UNANI: il-luminate milk cleanser

I have never heard of this brand before. I think I’ve seen it but I don’t remember ever hearing the name. When Umar saw the bottle and the name, his dirty little mind wondered and you can figure out the rest for yourself…
He was literally in stitches and decided to send it to everyone on Snapchat – LOL!

Guys – this thing is a Godsend! I swear to you, it’s so so nice. It’s a milk cleanser and I’ve never used a milk cleanser before. So this was a first for me. Mum always tells me off for using so many different products on my face and tells me I’m going to ruin my skin, but boy, when Glossybox are sending you such amazing stuff, who gives a….


I started off by washing my face with warm water first before applying the milk cleanser. A small squeeze pumped out enough to cover my entire face with the cleanser.

I gently massaged it all over my face, making sure I covered every spot and basically milked it (get it? Milked it?)

Once that was done, I rinsed it all off with some warm to cold water and patted my face dry with a towel.

Believe me when I tell you this – the result was AMAZING! I suffer from dry skin. Usually when I wash my face, I literally have to moisturise instantly because that dry feeling makes me die inside. With this cleanser however, I did not get that feeling at all! I went at least 10 minutes without moisturising and I NEVER do that. Ever.

This product was a huge thumbs up for me. It’s advised to be used day and night and boy will I be doing that until I get out every little drop of the bottle. I will most certainly be purchasing this again once I finish this.

RRP: £14
SHOP: click HERE


Now this was something new that I’d never even thought of ever buying.

A sponge.
That’s it. It’s literally a sponge. But not just any old sponge. It’s a natural vegetable fibre sponge and it’s a sponge that I am in LOVE with.

As soon as I removed it from it’s packaging, it was still damp and moist. How?! It feels so soft and amazing against your skin. This sponge is now bae.


I started off by rinsing the sponge under the tap and squeezing out any excess water.

I’d already applied the milk cleanser on my face at this point. Now, I massaged the sponge onto my face in circular motions to fully cleanse my face.

The triangle corner is perfectly shaped for areas around your eyes and nose.


After  I’d finished washing my entire face using the sponge, I placed the sponge back under the tap and squeezed out any product that was left in there.

Once that was done, I continued to squeeze out any product, away from the running tap water.

All that was left now was to hang the sponge and let it air dry until it was ready to use again the following morning. It is advised to replace the sponge after 8-10 weeks.


RRP: £7.99
SHOP: click HERE


I’ve heard a lot about this brand but had never used it before, so getting it in the Glossybox was just exciting. This is what I love about them, you’d be wanting something for ages, and somehow it’ll find its way into your Glossybox.

So, this moisturiser was made to soften up your skin and that it sure does. However, I don’t like the texture of it too much. It’s too thick on the skin, and doesn’t feel soft upon application, but it definitely does keep your skin feeling soft throughout the day.

I prefer my moisturiser to be quite rich and feel smooth and soft upon application so I didn’t enjoy this too much and most probably will not be buying it but if you’re someone who likes something similar to this, then this is yours!

RRP: £19.95
SHOP: click HERE


Now all of you know how much I love using my face masks, so getting this in my box was awesome. A hydrating and moisturising mask is perfect for me as it is exactly what my skin needs.

I’ve never used a Korean face mask before so this was interesting. It was quite similar to the Garnier mask I was using, moist and cold, ready to be placed onto your face and moulded into the contours of your face.

It is advised to keep this mask on your face for 20 minutes and allow for it to work it’s magic. Now, this felt like a long slow 20 minutes so I decided to snack on some biscuits.

Have you all tried the new Oreo Thins? Ah man, they are so damn tasty. I think the new McVities Digestives Thin is just THE BEST THING EVER! Totally getting sidetracked here but that’s where my mind was for the 20 minutes of waiting…

The results of this were so nice. After removing, I massaged the excess moisture into my skin before I washed it off and moisturised. This mask is brilliant to help your skin look and feel fresh again, especially if it had been looking quite dead lately – mine most definitely had been

RRP: £3.99
SHOP: click HERE


You all know now that I’m not a huge fan of eyeshadow, simply because I’ve no idea on how to apply it without looking like a panda. But, when I see something that is matte, I am IN!

I don’t really use eyeshadow on my eyelids, but I sure do love using it to line the bottom of my eyes, just to add that extra pop of colour on my eyes. This colour is perfect for me as it suits my skin tone quite well and of course, it’s matte. That’s always a winner.

I haven’t got a picture just yet of this on my eyes but I’ll be posting it soon on Instagram once I have, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

RRP: £34 for palette
SHOP: click HERE


For this months edition, Glossybox has done a collaboration with Deliciously Stella.

If you haven’t heard of her before, you must go and check her out in Instagram, she is jokes!


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