Red Velvet and White Chocolate Chip Cookie

Food envy! You know what I mean right?

When you’re looking forward to the food you have ordered until you notice how much better your friends food looks. I am known for my terrible ordering skills. I always get food envy and they never want to swap with me. Thanks guys 😒

Where am I going with this and what does it have to do with Cookies? Well that’s how I got inspired by this weekend’s bake. Lubna (AKA Mummy Khan) sent me a picture of her late evening snack…Red Velvet Cookies *drools* Food envy kicked in.

Must bake these 🍪  🍪  🍪  🍪

Continuing with my love of Red Velvet, this week in 🍪 Cookie 🍪 Form. I love cookies and for me they have to be big, soft, chewy and with plenty of chocolate chips. Basically ‘Maryland Cookies’ should not be classed as cookies. The first two times I made Cookies was an absolute disaster. I wish I had photos to show you guys. Basically instead of 6 individual round yummy cookies I got one large merged cookie monster. Remember in my last post how I mentioned biscuits continue to cook once out the oven (Baking Science..) Well it’s the same for cookies. I wasn’t aware at the time so I left the Cookies in longer than required so they came out rock hard 😣 Epic fail!

When I think Red Velvet I immediately think buttermilk but this recipe didn’t require any. Instead I used natural yogurt along with your basic cookie ingredients: plain flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, two types of sugar (Brown and Caster), eggs, vanilla and of course chocolate. White chocolate was used for these cookies because well Red Velvet and White Chocolate go together like a dream. Of course can’t forget the most important ingredient – Red food colouring.  

A little tip for you – Stay away from supermarket branded food colouring. That stuff is awful!! You will end up using the entire bottle (It’s tiny) and you still won’t get a vibrant colour. You are better of using food colouring paste. Personally I am yet to try colouring paste but every baking blogger/vlogger I follow swears by these and you can see it in their Bakes. The reason I haven’t tried it yet is because I have a pretty good alternative in my kitchen cupboard. That is food colouring powder 😃 You know – the little tubs of colour your mum uses to dye her biryani. This stuff is amazing you guys!! It brings out such an amazing colour and because its powder based you don’t run the risk of turning your batter runny. It’s really strong though so avoid getting it on your hands.

Okay so the cookies – First I combined all the dry ingredients together and set the bowl aside. Dry ingredients being – Plain flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt. Next I creamed together the brown sugar, caster sugar and butter. I used my KitchenAid for this so it was an easy breezy step. Usually it’s best to cream butter and sugar for 5 minutes but for this recipe I had to mix these briefly just till combined so I cut it down to 3 minutes. Speaking of stand mixers, the Kenwood K-Mix is going for £195 on Amazon 😲 Gah I want!! If you are looking for a good stand mixer then this is a good choice at a decent price.

While the creaming (Technical baking term) was going on I whisked together the egg, yogurt, vanilla extract and red food colouring in a jug. This was then added to the butter-sugar and beaten till combined. The mix was looking a nice bright red at this point. Finally I dumped in the dry ingredients and the chocolate and gave it one final mix. When it’s this final step you want to make sure you do it slowly so as not to knock any air out of your batter. This basically means keeping the mix light and airy so your cookies don’t come out tough. The addition of the cocoa powder made this mix go from bright red to a brownish-red.

Now you know I’m all about the no fuss bakes but this dough is super sticky so chilling is a must!! I wrapped the bowl in cling film and stuck it in the fridge for 30 min (Okay maybe not 30…20-25 min….I have no chill!)

What I was supposed to do at this point was roll out dough balls and measure them to about 20g per ball. This is so I could get even sized cookies right but my food colouring is super strong and I didn’t have any gloves to use so I used an Ice Cream scoop instead. Usually this is an awesome tool when making cookies but this dough was soooo sticky that I had a hard time getting all my dough onto the baking trays.

Once all my trays were lined up I baked them on Gas Mark 4 for 10 minutes. My oven has a glass door so I sat and watched these cookies bake (Yes I’m that kinda baker 😏)

The first batch was awful. The cookies spread a lot making them look flat and deflated 😔 My next batch however came out awesome. The cookies had baked nicely and all looked almost even in size. I’m not sure what went wrong the first time…I even tried to place these back in the oven for a few minutes but it wasn’t worth it. Ended up throwing that first batch away. Out of the possible 30 cookies I was promised from this recipe I managed to bake 12 successfully. But it’s okay, the amazing taste of these makes up for the fail so yay 😊

I will be trying this recipe again and this time do things a little differently. Hopefully it will go right and when it does I will be sure to post the recipe. For now I hope you enjoyed reading about this week’s bake 😊


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