GLOSSYBOX – December 2016


December 2016

Hey girlies!
(and guys if you’re reading this too)

So, as you’ve probably already guessed from the title of this post and my recent Instagram teaser – I HAVE FINALLY SIGNED UP TO GLOSSYBOX! (Can I get a whaaaat?)

From now on, every month, I will be sharing with you all what I got in my box, sharing my pictures and my views on all the products received. But first, a little background..

At first, I was very against getting a membership with Glossybox based on my previous experience with beauty subscriptions. I used to have a membership with Birchbox. Don’t get me wrong, beauty subscriptions are awesome, but the deal with Birchbox is, you get mostly sample sized products.

With that, I’m not going to fully know whether or not I wish to purchase a full sized product only having used it for a very short amount of time. You’re not exactly going to see the benefits (or downsides even) of that product without having really used it. Having said that, I did like some of the stuff I got from them, and still use it till date. However Glossybox, they send you 5 FULL-SIZED products each month – totally worth it.

My sister-in-law (Hey Hawa!) recommended Glossybox to me and boy she wasn’t wrong when she said they’re awesome. So far, loving it!

Let me tell you something about Glossybox (almost wrote Birchbox there, LOL!) – the packing is loveeeely! When I opened it, I was literally shrieking “AWW!” because of how perfect and cute it is. Trust me girls, if you like your stuff to look pretty, you’re going to love this.

All the products came in this beautiful white box, with a thick gold border around the lid, with Glossybox perfectly printed on top of the lid. When I opened the box, I was greeted with a handful of postcards and leaflets, welcoming me to Glossybox. If that isn’t great service, then I don’t know what is. Underneath the bed of papers, lay the true beauty.

My 5 products.
So, what did I get?

GOSH – mono eyeshadow (014 dark green)
Revlon – nail varnish (705 gray suede)
Browcote – waterproof brow sealer
Essence – luminizer palette
MDMFlow – semi-matte lipstick (bossy)

mono eye shadow (014 dark green)

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I’m not really an eye shadow girl. Mostly because, I have NO IDEA on how to apply it. I have watched like a billion tutorials, yet I still walk out looking like a clown (yes, I said it. Tackling my phobia of them). But, that doesn’t stop me from buying them and still trying. And if I’m being sent it then, why the hell not, eh?

This shade is so perfect for this time of year. It speaks winter, it speaks Christmas, it speaks holidays. Such a beautiful shiny shade. Kind of perfect for me since I’m really digging this colour right now. I’ve bought Hijab’s this colour and also a gown in this colour so whoop!

RRP: £8.99
SHOP: click HERE

nail varnish (705 gray suede) 

I’ve never used Revlon products before, it’s just never stood out to me. Not just talking about their nail varnish, but all products.

But then this cute little nude varnish made its way into the box and I really like it. It’s such a perfect nude colour with a bit of shine to it. Not all nude colours suit my skin tone, but this did really well so that was great. The brush itself needs to be better I believe. When you brush a stroke of polish on, you can see the lines of it on your nails so I had to put on a couple coats to cover it up. But after that, it looked really nice and smooth.

One thing, just be careful how much you get onto your brush because I made a bit of mess at first. I had way too much on the brush and it was just pouring off of my nails.

I think I’ll be getting this again once I’ve used it all up.

(P.S. the shine on my ring finger nail isn’t from this Revlon, I just added that on top!)

RRP: £6.49
SHOP: click HERE

waterproof brow sealer 

I’ve never used a single brow product in my life!

All I ever do is thread them to make them look neat and clean. I don’t add any colour or anything.

So, I thought this Browcote wouldn’t be of any use to me – but I was wrong! Even without adding any product onto my brows, I still used this to set my brows into place and it did an amazing job. Usually, the small hairs would move out of place a little and make my brows look a little wacky!

With the help of this Browcote, my brows were set in place all day and had a little wetlook/shine to them, making them look more defined and bold.

So just imagine how amazing this would be if I did use products on my brows?!

RRP: £6.99
SHOP: click HERE

luminizer palette 

Now here’s something that was missing from my collection of make-up junk.

A highlighter palette.

I only ever do a full face of make-up and go with the full shabang of highlight when there’s an occasion to dress up for. So I tend to not buy many highlighters.

This one I was a little worried about because it looked a little too bright for my face. That’s always my main concern. I don’t want to be using products that don’t match my skin tone at all. This however, wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t too off and it wasn’t a perfect fit.

It was a good shade to match my skin-tone if I use it lightly, and not get carried away. Apologies for not having a picture of me using this, but when I do, I’ll be putting it up on our JMA instagram page for sure – keep an eye out for it!

RRP: £3
SHOP: click  HERE

semi-matte lipstick (bossy)

I’m going to be very very very honest with you all.

I hated this.

Let’s start with the colour. It looks beautiful doesn’t it? – WRONG.
I applied it and it made me look like a sick dying person – not my words, those were Sams words lol

Second, the texture. It’s supposed to be semi-matte but it’s SOO dry. Literally. I had to rub it so hard into lips to actually get the colour out and even then, it was a struggle.

Really didn’t like this product at all. It may be because of the colour. Perhaps other colours (darker) may be better but I’m not to keen on getting this – ever.

RRP: £18
SHOP: click HERE

So, the total of this December Glossybox came up to £43.47 of all the products combined.

Cannot wait to get my next box.

Bring on JANUARY!

Hope everyone’s had an amazing Christmas with a bright New Year ahead of them.


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