GadGeo iPhone 6S Two Layer Protective Case

This is the first time I’m reviewing a phone case. We all know there are different types of cases out there, but this one stuck out to me as it comes in two pieces. I love using my phone without a case; the phone is slim, light and just beautiful.

However, me being me, I need to protect my tech.

Now, let’s get into the case.

It comes in two pieces. A soft silicone inner layer with a strong polycarbonate exterior. The cut outs on the case are precise and very detailed. It gives me enough space to fit my headphones in. The volume buttons are very responsive and tactile which I like. The case is very compact and lightweight which is a plus when it comes to cases because I don’t like the bulkiness.

Although its compact, my problem is that it’s very awkward when I put it in my pockets.

In terms of protection, it features a raised bezel that runs along the upper edge of the phone. This means that the phone is never in contact with the surface. I’ve dropped my phone many times with this case on and I’ve never been scared that I would have a cracked screen.

Unfortunately, Gadgeo only cater for iPhone and Samsung’s.

Overall, I would give this case an 8/10.

The case is very durable and protective. Its protected my phone from many drops and I also like the design. My only problem is when it comes to the silent button, as it is very hard to reach and puts me in an uncomfortable position.


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