Ted’s Grooming Room – MOVEMBER


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I decided to do the Movember Challenge and see how long I could keep my beard. No word of a lie, November was hard for my beard. It was so messy and all over the place. It took me time to get used to and towards the end I started liking the messy look.

It came to my attention that Ted Baker Grooming was doing an offer for people who took part in Movember. A free shave for anyone who signs up to Ted’s mailing list. Obviously, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I’ve seen men getting that fresh trim at Ted’s Grooming before and I always wanted to get one myself but you know…. (living the broke university life).




It was 4pm and I was in Starbucks waiting for Waseema to arrive with the Canon camera so we can take some bomb ass pictures. Obviously, she was running late as usual so I bought a hot chocolate with whipped cream to keep me warm and refreshed. 5 minutes later she arrives telling me to hurry up (SHE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS LATE)!

We arrived at the main Ted Baker shop which has the barbers inside the shop. The barber shop was packed and the man told me it would at least be a 15-minute wait. Waseema being the photographer was taking pictures for this post, then got stopped by one of the workers because we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the shop. Mate, she was taking a picture OF THE SIGN. Jam your hype lady.

I can understand why we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but the lady who told us was so rude and the tone she used with us was so degrading that we left the store. Luckily, I knew that there is another Ted baker Barber around the corner, so we went there.



Once we arrived to the new location, we were greeted by a lovely woman who took my coat, scarf and bags to put in the back room. We then asked the workers if we could take pictures and they said yes. So, we sat there waiting for my turn and then the man approached me (I didn’t get his name, completely forgot to) and told me to take a seat. He offered us drinks (Turkish tea and Coffee) but I didn’t want a drink because I just had my hot chocolate.

The barber asked how I wanted my shave. This is when it got complicated.

It was either a full hot shave or a trim. I was debating this with Waseema, she opted for a trim because the beard suits me but I wanted a full hot shave because I haven’t done that in a long time. But the reason why I held back on a full shave was because I would look 12.

I would go from “your daughter calls me daddy” to “where’s my hug?”




We decided on a trim and I’m so glad that it was a trim. He started off by cleaning the back of my neck by trimming off the hair and shaping it up. This was a long process as he did it in detail. He then moved onto my beard. But first he put something on my eyes to cover them up. It smelt so amazing. I literally sat there sniffing it.

I don’t know the process of how the man did my beard but I know that he gave it a fade from bottom up. He’s a smart guy; he saw the patch that I have on my beard so he blended it in so you can’t tell that I have a patch. Not all heroes wear capes. He then pulled out some mini flamethrower stick.

He lighted it and started throwing back and forth at my face (it was burning my face). He continued doing what he was doing and then I saw him pull out the hot towel. I swear, I love the hot towel on my face. That burning sensation you get on your face is pleasing. After the shave was done, he washed my face, creamed it and blow dried my hair.


This whole process of the beard trim took around 40 minutes. Yes, it is very long just for a beard trim. But I can assure you guys that its totally worth it. Sometimes you should just need to pamper yourself.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of this experience, I suggest you should try it out. It is pricey but it’s totally worth it.

I know I would do this again.






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