HUDA Beauty.
Something I’d been wanting to try forever.

We all know HUDA, we all follow HUDA (well, most of us at least). Only recently, Harrods opened up a small, and I mean small, HUDA Beauty counter. Before this, the only other place I knew that sold her products here in the UK was from a website called

I was extremely excited to try her products. I’d read reviews about them, and I’d seen a lot of YouTube reviews about it also, but I needed to get my hand on it to see/try them for myself.

So, here goes..


HUDA first introduced her famous lip contour – a lip pencil which can be used to shape or fill your lips. They’ve been designed to give a more fuller-lip illusion.

The first Lip Contour I bought was in the shade ‘Bombshell‘ – what were my views?

I love my nude colours, I live for them. So, when I saw this shade online, I fell in love with it instantly. However, once it arrived and I saw it in person, I was a little worried. It was so light! I swatched it on my wrist first, still too light. So I thought, maybe it’ll look different on my lips. Oh, nononoo…

It was too light on my lips. I didn’t like the way it looked on my face at all. One thing that no other review I watched and read mentioned the fact that – the colour’s from her collection look VERY different on different skin tones. For this reason, I’d say pick very carefully before you buy. If possible, take a trip to Harrods and try it out before you do buy anything.

To darken it a little, I dab on MAC Whirl onto my lips which does the trick. May help you also if you want to darken this shade a little.




The next Lip Contour I bought was in the shade ‘Trophy Wife‘ and boy did they name this one well. It actually makes you feel like a trophy wife!

I absolutely love love love this shade! I have NEVER owned a pink lippy before, nor have I ever worn one. So this was a so brand new for me. I bought this when I went to Harrods, so I had the chance to swatch this and try it out.

It’s so pigmented, so gorgeous and so daring (well, for me anyway).

One thing that’s amazing about these Lip Contour’s is that they last for a long time on your lips. Honestly. I ate a FAT kebab roll that barely fit into my mouth whilst wearing this and it didn’t smudge, nor did I need to reapply it after eating. How amazing is that?!

There are so many more shades and I really want to get more. When I do, i’ll be showing you guys!





After the success of her Lip Contour’s, HUDA released these Liquid Matte Lipsticks.

Liquid Matte is so in right now. Everyone is making them, but is everyone getting them right? Did HUDA get it right? Well…

This is the only one I bought. Not buying a handful only to disappoint myself. I bought Liquid Matte in the shade ‘Trendsetter‘ – beautiful shade. It’s a nice orange/brown type of shade that looks so lovely worn in Autumn.

When applying, it has a creamy texture and dries matte onto your lips quite quickly. And it dries ALOT. It made my lips look dry, cracked and just blurgh. Whilst wearing this, I had a huge fat meal. Burger, Chips and Spicy Wings – oh what a feast it was. Might I add, I was eating this all in the car (LOL! – yes I’m a pig. Yes I’m a fat shit)

So anyways, after a delicious junk fest, this Liquid Matte lippy came right off. It needed touch up so often, and just adding to the cakeyness and the dryness. I didn’t enjoy this one at all. I am most certainly going to stick to the Lip Contours.

How was your experience with her Liquid Matte?





As we all know, HUDA is most famous for her lashes. So, obviously, I had to try these. No point of having a HUDA post if her lashes aren’t going to be involved.

Now, let me tell you something. I have NEVER EVER worn fake lashes before. I just didn’t see a point to them or find them the slightest bit appealing. Also, I was scared to wear them. I have small eyes, so I just thought they’d look ridiculous on my face.

I actually loved them. At first it felt really weird and heavy on my eyes. But they make your eyes look so pretty. It really does complete the look. Lashes in ‘Coco Jo #4‘ is perfect for me. It’s not too dramatic. It’s not too natural. It’s just right. Perfect fit around my eyes also, I didn’t need to trim anything off at all, just perfect.

I am yet to try the lashes in ‘Sasha #11‘ – I bought these when I went to Harrods, possibly going to save them for Sameena’s wedding next year. They look way too dramatic for me to wear right now, without an event as an excuse to wear them. When I do, i’ll be sure to let you know and see how they looked.

I’m sorry I couldn’t get more pictures of me wearing the lashes. I am wearing them again in the final photo of this post, hopefully that’ll do.





Click HERE to buy HUDA Beauty – Cult Beauty

Click HERE to buy HUDA Beauty – Harrods





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  1. Sam
    November 27, 2016 / 11:50 pm

    Great post, really enjoyed reading your views! I was thinking of buying the liquid lipsticks but it’s so hard to find ones that don’t dry out your lips. Will defo give the lip contours a try though x x

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