Bose Vs Beats

img_5088Recently I got my hands on the Bose sport in ear headphones and was excited to try it out. As we all know Bose is a well-recognised brand when it comes to headphones. For this reason, I wanted to do a comparison with another headphone giant, Beats. Everyone knows the brand Beats and I’ve seen many reviews on their headphones. Majority complain of the sound quality and claim it’s only popular due to the brand name. So, I decided to put both headphones to the test. I will be comparing the ‘’Bose SoundSport in Ear’’ and ‘’Beats UrBeats in Ear Headphones’’.


Let’s start off with the Beats headphones. It is called UrBeats and it is priced at £89 from Apple, and few pounds cheaper from amazon depending on the colour you get. It comes in 6 different colours, rose gold, black (the one I have), gold, silver, space grey (the one I should have got lol), and ultra violet. Along with the headphone you get a storage pouch and four pairs of ear tip fittings. 

img_5084 Build quality

Since you’re going to be paying a fair amount of money on these headphones, you would expect the quality of the headphones to be good. Well, it lives up to its standards as they provide great quality, from the casing to the materials of the headphones (lightweight brushed metal which looks matte). They are tangle free headphones so you do not need to worry about untying it. I’ve had these headphones for a couple of months now and I can say that they’re very durable. 


In terms of comfort/stability these headphones are not one of the best. Having the headphones in my ears for long periods of time starts to hurt and it becomes uncomfortable. In terms of the headphones staying in my ears, it’s not the very best as they fall out constantly. img_5092

 Sound quality

I’m not going to lie to you and say this is amazing when it comes to sound. At first I hated it so much that I would never use the headphones. But then my Apple earpods broke, so I forced myself to use these. After a few weeks, I got used to the headphones and I can say that I’m glad I had I gave these headphones a second chance. I put my music to full blast and could hear most instruments in the song. I tend to listen to music with a lot of bass and these headphones cater for bass heads therefore, I am very satisfied with the sound quality.

 Bose SoundSport

img_5086So, I got these headphones from Famid Games (link will be posted at the bottom). I was very excited to use these headphones as I’ve heard so much praise about this company. These headphones are priced at £79, £10 less than the UrBeats. SoundSport comes in 5 different colours, charcoal, energy green, frost, neon blue, power red (the one I used). The items that come in the box is 3 pairs of StayHear tips (S, M, L), carry case, clothing clip, quick start guide and a warranty card. 

 Build quality

The build of these headphones was not up to my satisfaction as they just felt cheap. Nevertheless, the headphones are extremely lightweight and the earbuds have a pleasant plastic/rubbery feel towards it. However, the cable itself is very thin and I feel like it will get damaged very easily. Also, the cable is not a tangle free one so it was very annoying when it did get tangled in the case. These are also better than the UrBeats in terms of the headphones being sweat resistant and weather resistant.


Comfort wise these headphones excel. The StayEar tips conforms to your ears shape so they will always stay in place. So, for comfort I would give these headphones an 8/10. The headphones are decent when it comes to sport, since that’s what they are made for. Using this at the gym was a pleasant experience as the headphones never fell out, even when I was jumping rope. img_5096

 Sound quality

The sound sport headphones audio quality was great. These headphones were specially made for IPod, iPhone and IPad. I tested out the headphones on all these devices and I can say that the audio quality is better than the average headphones. You could say Bose have lived up to their name. I could hear every single instrument even when working out. Using these at the gym I thought the quality would drop but it didn’t. However, the headphone does not block out any external sound therefore, I couldn’t zone out with these. 

Overall, I have a biased opinion when it comes to this because I am impressed with the bass that the UrBeats brings therefore, I would choose the headphones over the SoundSport. But the SoundSport is perfect if you are using it for your workouts. These are one of the best headphones I’ve used at the gym. Both headphones have a mic so you can receive calls and control the music straight from the mic. Both headphones deliver great sound but I would choose the UrBeats over the SoundSport as my daily driver but I would use the SoundSport every time I go to the gym.


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