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An American company, based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2010.

I first came to know about this brand selling these absolutely beautiful Hijab’s through a friend of mine – Amreen. She was working along side them in Los Angeles and kindly introduced me to them. How I have not known about them for the past 6 years, I’ll never know. Clearly, I’ve been living under a rock. Although, I only began wearing a Hijab at the start of this year, 2016 and what a journey it has been, but that story is for another day.

The girls at Austere Attire are so loving, friendly and so welcoming. I always get instant replies with any questions or comments I have to make on both Twitter and Instagram – quite rare to find with most companies as I never hear back from them *wa wa waaa*

I hope and I pray that they make a decision to open up a pop-up store here in the UK for us all (especially me, duhh). Please please pretty pleaseeee?!




This was my second purchase with Austere Attire (or AA for short as I like to call them) and I must say, they never disappoint. From delivery, to packaging and to the product itself, they always deliver.

The Hijab’s are always packed in a black bag with drawstrings, adorned with an AA sticker on the front. So pretty! But that’s not even the best thing about it. These Hijab’s are being shipped all the way from the US for me, and naturally you’d expect it to arrive in that smelly condition as most items of clothing do. But nooo…

Their Hijab’s have this pretty pink smell to them. I don’t even know how to describe it, but they smell so lovely. Not a single trace of that awful stench from being packaged away for so long. Seriously, how do you do it guys?

The Hijab I’ve worn in these pictures are from their new collection, which was launched quite recently (18.11.2016 to be precise – I think!)

It was a tough decision, I tell you. I didn’t know which one to order. I tend to order one thing first from somewhere to see how I like it. If all is good, then I’ll go back to buy more to avoid disappointment, instead of buying crap loads in one go.

I went for their ‘Camel Premium Cotton’ Hijab, priced at £15 ($15). The model wearing it made it look so elegant and beautiful on her so effortlessly – sold it to me right there. It only took 4 days for my Hijab to arrive all the way from the US. 4 DAYS! How amazing is that? I’m telling you, service is amazing. The prices for their Hijab’s may be a little out of your comfort zone but when you pay for a premium brand, you’re getting a premium product – and this is the case with AA.

This was just ONE of the pieces from their new collection.  I cannot wait to get my hands on the rest of them.





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  1. November 25, 2016 / 9:14 pm

    Loving this colour on you! And great shots 😍 I’m so happy I introduced this company to you, every time you mention them to me excites me as much as it excited you 😘

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