Hi Everyone!
Today you’ll be reading this post by me (Waseema) so prepare yourself for a joyful ride as I take you through our day in SW1.

Sam and I had made plans to meet up with an old friend (Raj) on Saturday 12th November.

So first, the plan was to meet him at Shephards Bush, Westfields. Then, the plan got switched and we decided to go and spend the day at Covent Garden instead. And THEN, the plan got switched AGAIN and we finally set on meeting at South Kensington. Trust me when I tell you, it’s stressful planning an outing with Sam, she changes her mind EVERY 2 SECONDS!

So..the plan was – lunch, photo, shop, photo, dessert and more photos..

It was a gloomy rainy day but that wasn’t going to stop us from painting the town red (lol, so didn’t do that)


Out first stop, was LUNCH. At Bella Italia

As soon as we set our foot through the door, we were attacked by a woman who told us ‘We’re full, sorry’ – to which we replied – “Erm, we have a booking?’, totally felt like saying, bitch bye. She checked our booking and eventually showed us to our table. Luckily we had that table booked because the restaurant was literally PACKED!

It’s a cute little place on the corner of Old Brompton Road. We went through the menu, and tried to find something suitable for Sam and I to eat as this isn’t a Halal restaurant. It was veg or seafood options for us which is perfectly fine because we love our seafood (when I say seafood, I mean Prawns and Prawns only..)

Our waitress came and we placed our order for the starters, main and drinks. Now, it was the waiting game…





Lemonade with (requested) Mint Leaves

Funghi Arrosto
Mini Ciabatta Bites

Salmone Limone




Remember how I told you they were really really packed? Well, because of this, our food took FOREVER to come. Raj and I were tempted to bang our cutlery on the table and scream FOOD FOOD FOOD but, I think this place was a little too sophisticated for that..

Whilst waiting, it was a nice time to catch up with Raj and just talk. Mind you, talking/laughing loud enough to cover up the sound of my stomach growling.

The food was amazing! So delicious. Besides the service at the restaurant, I’d say it’s def worth a visit and maybe even try out the dishes we did – they were nomalicious!

After Lunch, we set off for Harrods – little did we know we were going to burn alive inside..



With it being a weekend and Christmas fast approaching, Harrods was completely packed out – as expected. The roads were so busy with cars coming in from all directions. Sam decided to be Alpha Male and lead the way, which was the WORST idea as she doesn’t know how to walk in a straight line (literally, I kid you not!). She was crossing roads with such haste, leaving Raj and I behind, and all I could hear was him mumbling “Ram! Ram! Ram! Ram!” as we crossed in the middle of the roads with cars coming from left right centre.

It got extremely hot inside which was annoying as we were obviously dressed up for wet and cold weather. So a warning – dress lightly when you visit during the winter as you will be indoors for most of your trip.

We didn’t have any set place we wanted to visit in Harrods BUT, I did really want to visit the HUDA Beauty counter (ob…viously) to get me some goodies. So we just wondered until we got there.




There was a queue at the HUDA Beauty counter but luckily it wasn’t too long. Plus, I already knew what I wanted. I’m not going to mention it now so keep an eye out for my special HUDA Beauty dedicated post on my Cosmetics page – coming soon!

Hereon, we decided to just carry on wondering, shopping and of course, the picture taking.

Sam mentioned to us how there was a Nutella Pop-Up Store at Harvey Nichols, which happened to be down the road from Harrods. So we set off to give them a visit and have some serious Nutella goodness.

Now, here’s the disappointing part. The wait just to get into the pop-up store was forever, and then of course there’s the wait to actually buy something and eat it. Mate, aint’ nobody got time for that! Oh, and it gets worse. I wanted to get a personalised jar with JMA written on it. But guess what? They have a SELECTED LIST of names/words that can be printed onto the jar. Erm, does this brown girl in a Hijab look like a Samantha to you?

So, we left and went to find somewhere to have dessert.




We ended our day with some dessert at Cafe Concerto.

As pleasant as we expected this to be – it wasn’t. I ordered ‘Waffle with Ice Cream’ but they were out of ice cream. I was told this after they’d already made the waffle. Raj ordered a Strawberry Cheesecake, which they were also out of. They only realised this when they brought him a Strawberry Gateau and we sent it back as it was the wrong order.

By the end of it, we couldn’t be bothered anymore and just stuck with what we were given and were grateful. Seriously, Raj finished his Gateau in like 4 bites? The fat shit..

Overall, we had an awesome day and it was lovely seeing Raj (or as I like to call him, Rajiee Pajiee) after ages! Catching up, talking about life and how we are going to sabotage Sam’s wedding next year in July – CANNOT WAIT!

Below are some more pictures I captured during the day – some of my favourites.



















So I had a very fortunate meeting with the JMA ladies yesterday and can only say I had an amazing time spending the day with them!

I love their passion for food and photography, some amazing looking pictures taken yesterday, some awesome food eaten too. I would say the same goes for cosmetics, however I’m a guy and women’s cosmetics is like another world to me. But I would highly recommend my sister to go with them given the chance as they know what they’re doing.

Would love to spend another day with them getting to go to every store in Harrods and trying the Nutella terrace bar without waiting for 20+ minutes haha!



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