BT Mini Wi-Fi 500 Home Hotspot Powerline Adapter Kit


So I’ve had this Powerline Adapter since April and I can safely say that I am satisfied with this product and what it brings. If you’re like me and have really slow internet at home this might be the solution for you.


You plug in a Powerline Adapter into your socket and it turns your electrical cables into a fast network.

You can extend your Wi-Fi network and make it stronger for the places you don’t get Wi-Fi in your house. Also, you can use Ethernet cables to get a wired connection for faster speeds because we know that Wi-Fi tends to be unreliable sometimes. (all the time for the JMA household). So this basically extends your Wi-Fi and makes the signal stronger.

Powerline networks use your home’s internal electrical wiring to connect your devices. You plug the Powerline adapter into the socket and then connect to your router with an Ethernet cable and you can get online from any room with a working socket. Perfect for those places where your existing wireless won’t reach (with my deadass Wi-Fi I can’t get online anywhere).

img_4761I can honestly say that this purchase was one of the best ones I’ve done when it comes to networking. Currently JMA’s internet provider is TalkTalk and I can say with confidence that it is utterly rubbish. We should be receiving speeds of at least 15mb however, at the JMA household we get 3-4mb of speed which is completely nonsense.

So imagine me trying to play Fifa with friends (ultimate lags lol). So, ever since I got the adapter kit, the household has experienced faster internet speeds for a fact. It may not be the best speeds but it has gotten better for us (highest speed being 8mb-10mb) – I’m actually winning Fifa matches, lololol.

I have one in my room and I use it to connect the ps4 using the Ethernet cable and I can gladly say that I rarely have lags now. I have plugged the other Powerline adapter on the second floor of the house so now my sisters get better connection upstairs to the third floor where their room is.

Just to make things clear for you guys, not all Powerline Adapters are Wi-Fi capable. Most Powerline Adapters only use Ethernet as a connection. So be careful when buying a Powerline Adapter.

I have the Wi-Fi version therefore it extends the Wi-Fi signal around the house. It’s very simple to use, you just plug it in a connect. you don’t need to worry about the router you have as it works with any broadband provider.


My one problem about the BT Powerline Adapter is that when my router connection went, I had to pair the Powerline Adapter once again. When the signal went the Powerline adapter turned back on but didn’t connect to any device.

Therefore, I had to reset the adapter and connect it back again. This process is just stressful and annoying. But other than that, it’s a very reliable product and its worth buying. Very good if you can’t get Wi-Fi in certain areas of your house or if you just want to hook up your devices via Ethernet cable to get a faster internet connection.



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