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Hope you’ve all had an amazing October. This time of year is my absolute favourite! Despite being born in the Summer, it’s Autumn that I love the most.

The colours, the weather, the clothes – literally everything. For me, it’s the perfect time of year. Soo..I’ve decided to an October Haul post, some products which may compliment this season. Let’s get cracking.


One of my favourite ever designers is Ted Baker. From their clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and even make up, I luuurv! So I decided to splurge a little on these little goodies that I found in Boots.

You know them cute little gift sets Boots does every year when Christmas is coming? Yeaaah, got it from that section there. Do go check it out, it’s 3 for 2 guys!

The stuff in these little sets are ideal for your carry ons in your handbags. They’re small and even last quite a while – here i’m referring more to the hand cream, lippy’s and mini perfume bottle. Best part about all of this? It smells AMAZING! Honestly, Ted Baker PINK LONDON is one of my favourite scents ever. I’m not too fond of the green one, but hey-ho, each to their own (totally made that rhyme!)

The nail varnish colours are so so lovely! The Red only requires one coat, two if you want to be more bold. The pink/whiteish colour requires two coats for sure! The first coat just looks really milky and patchy, so with the second it just looks full, clean and shinyyyy! The brush is really nice too. No stiff or harsh bristles to ruin your nails.

The lipsticks. Hmm…
Love the red one but it’s too shiny for my liking. I love my Matte Lipsticks so this is a new one for me. The nude colour, oh my gosh. It is SO light on my face. It looks like I’ve slapped some cream onto my face. Proper ridiculous. I haven’t managed to take a picture of them on my lips but when I do, i’ll be posting it on Instagram – keep an eye out for that!




L’Oréal Paris

You can probably guess by now that I love L’Oréal Paris. Every product of theirs that I have used has been so amazing to me. I began using their Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask (no image, sorry guys!) and Hair Oil a few months ago and boy has my hair game changed! I know I can’t show you all since I wear a headscarf but take my word for it. My hair is looking and feeling AMAZING!

I use the shampoo and conditioner first, and then let me hair soak in the goodness from the hair mask whilst it’s still wet. After a couple of minutes, I rinse this out and I can just feel the softness of my hair between my fingers. I like to towel dry my hair before I blow dry it.

So, what I tend to do is, once I take my hair out of my towel I use the two precious drops of the hair oil and run it through my hair using my fingers – using this as a heat protector also. Trust me when I say this, it’s WOWZA! Texture. Smell. Everything.

My Day & Night Moisturiser by L’Oréal Paris is the best one I have used so far from a drugstore. I have dry/normal skin/sensitive skin and these two moisturisers tackle that exactly. Ever since I have started using the two, my skin has cleared up so much. It’s looking and feeling amazing! It says 24HR hydration. It IS 24HR hydration.

Make sure you follow your face cleansing routine and use this daily, it really does make a huge difference to how your skin develops. Highly recommend using





I haven’t used many products by Garnier, but the stuff I have used have always been good. What can I say? I pick the good shizz!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask – you know the dealio with that. If not, read my review all about it HERE.

I quite like their products so I decided to try their body moisturiser, especially after seeing that it’s aimed at people for dry skin (that’s me boyy!) This thing was like made for me. If you have dry skin, I highly recommend it. I used to use Olay moisturiser and I’d have to keep topping up during the day, especially during the winter. But this Garnier one however, bloody brilliant!

Garnier Eye Makeup Remover…BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT!
It cleans off EVERYTHING! Leaves your lashes looking and feeling healthy, they don’t fall out. And the bonus side to this, you can soak your false lashes in it and re-use them. How amazing is that?


Currently crying right now because I realised how much I spent this month but girls gotta get what she needs ey?
Let me know how you like the HAUL and if I should do more of these?


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