Garnier: Skin Active NEW Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask


Hey Ladies!

As you all probably know by now, I absolutely LOVE my skincare products. Love the stuff I already have and love trying out new stuff. So, I was in Boots quite recently, checking out the new Garnier HydroBoost collection and came across this Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. It was only 99p on offer! Had to grab it and test it out for you all.

I’m all for using a mask that will hydrate my skin, especially for cold days like this where your face just looses all softness and hydration. So, here’s my story…


  1. Unfold the mask
  2. Apply the white tissue to cleansed skin
  3. Blue protective film should be facing outwards
  4. Smooth mask over
  5. Remove protective film
  6. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face
  7. Leave for 15 minutes
  8. Remove mask by peeling off slowly from the edges
  9. Massage in excess serum
  10. Use cotton pad to remove

10 easy steps to follow, and so I did.

When I took the tissue mask out of the sachet, the moisture of it just melted into my hands straight away, before I even applied it onto my face. Like seriously, super smooth and super soft. I panicked and thought it would start to dry up if I took forever to apply it – but it never. Woohoo!

So, I applied it onto my face, blue film facing outward, and gently pushed it into my skin and spread it all over. I don’t know why but I got carried away with getting it perfect on my face, forgetting I had to remove the blue film (LOL)!



I kind of felt like Rey Mysterio in this mask. It’s soo big for my face.

I don’t understand why Garnier made it so huge. Like, surely you’d make it average sized, so anyone with a large face can stretch the mask out to cover their entire face. But nooo, it’s HUGE!  Now, I have a small face in comparison to your average face size so this mask just blanketed on my face (as you can see in the images above).

I found it difficult to get it all to sit onto my face properly because of this, but somehow I managed to get most parts of it, looking like an absolute freak whilst doing so, but hey ho – the mask was already feeling gooooood!



There are slits in the mask for the contour area’s of your face to help adjust the mask properly. So once the blue film had been removed, it was much easier to fit the mask onto my face, but it was still too big. Like, it literally covered my eyebrows and fancied them up too!

Leaving it on for 15 minutes now and enjoying the coolness of it. It felt so light, moist, soft, and smelt really nice too. The feel of it was amazing, I couldn’t wait to see the results of it.

Time to peel off and wipe down with a cotton pad..



I massaged the excess product onto my face before wiping it off with the cotton pad. That coolness feeling never left. The moisture never left. The hydration never left. It was just so lovely.

My face felt super soft, super smooth, super clean and super refreshed.

This was a real treat and lovely to use after using Clay Masks for months. I’ve never used something like this, and now I know for sure that i’ll def be using it again.

“1 mask = 1 week of hydrating serum”



Buy Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask HERE



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