This is the third Red Velvet recipe I have tried and I can say for sure this one wins hands down. From now I will be using The Scran Lines* recipe for my Red Velvet cakes and cupcakes.

The original recipe is for 12 cupcakes but can be split into two 8 inch cake pans. I was worried the batter will not be enough and I will have two thin cakes. Instead I managed to layer up both cakes to make a 4 layer 8 inch cake #winning 😀

This has been my best attempt at baking and decorating a layer cake. I paired this with the classic cream cheese frosting* and decorated with the crumbs from the leftover cake layers. This recipe uses oil instead of butter which I believe makes a more moist cake. Cream cheese frosting is tricky to nail but I think I have found the perfect one, take the stage Kerry 😀 The US sell Cream cheese in block form (We need that here) where as UK sell it in tubs.

This is where the problem is, cream cheese from a tub will always have excess water which will result in a runny frosting 🙁 Kerry’s method requires you use a cloth to squeeze out all the water before adding to your butter and icing mixture. Whip it up on high speed, add a dash of vanilla bean paste, lemon and voila. Thick, creamy, tangy frosting with specks of vanilla thanks to the bean paste.

I took my time with this one and followed every instruction and baking hack carefully and it totally paid off. My family are huge Red Velvet fans so I was very pleased to get a double thumbs up from them 😀

Will be making this again in Cupcake form – keep an eye out!




My first ever attempt at making a Cheesecake was an absolute fail. I have wanted to try again for ages but never got around to it. Until I came across Jane’s Patisserie that is.

Jane has an amazing range of Cheesecake recipes and the best part is…they are all NO BAKE 😀 The recipe is so simple and easy to follow. It calls for original Oreos but I decided to use Golden Oreos as I am currently in love with these. (You can find Golden Oreos in most supermarkets) Bonus when stocking up for this cheesecake I came across these reduced to 28p #Winning. Totally bought the whole box home xD If I had attempted to make these using my hand mixer it would most likely have failed.

You need to make sure you mix on high speed to get a nice a thick mixture otherwise you will end up with a runny mess. This cheesecake is Golden Oreo mania. There is Oreo in the crust, filling, crushed on top and whole Oreos used to decorate. It went down really well with the family 😀

I will be trying out more Jane’s No Bake Cheesecakes soon so watch this space.


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