Eid Baking: Part II



Another recipe passed down in the family.
This recipe is a simple one bowl, dump in ingredients cake.  The two key ingredients for this cake are natural yogurt and a dash of Almond flavouring. If you are allergic you can leave out the almond flavouring and you will still have a delicious cake.

I usually top this cake with a dusting of icing sugar just to make it look pretty 🙂 Another idea would be to drizzle on some melted chocolate or lemon glaze…think I might try that next Eid, change it up a bit. Again similar to the dough balls the recipe for this is pretty vague so it’s always a near hit and miss.




I LOVE biscuits 😀 Paired with a big mug of tea and I am in heaven so I’m pretty stoked to have mastered making biscuits from scratch. It’s been a trial and error effort but I have finally mastered them. These biscuits are soft baked and believe me you can’t stop at just one. The recipe for these comes from two sources, a family friend and Sallys Baking Addiction.

I took the ingredients from the family recipe and the quantity required from Sally’s blog. Both recipes had one secret ingredient that the other didn’t so I decided to combine the two to see what happens. Best idea ever! The (not so) secret ingredients are….custard powder and almond flavouring 😀  It’s the custard powder which makes the cookies super soft and addictive. These can be baked plain or decorated with sugar cookie icing.

I like to sprinkle some granulated sugar on mine for a little crunch and also it makes them look pretty 🙂



The showstopper bake this Eid were my Nutella Cupcakes. The base is a chocolate hazelnut sponge (I used roasted hazelnuts) topped with Nutella buttercream and decorated with either a Ferrero Rocher or crushed nuts.

I got this recipe from Cupcake Jemma, she has an amazing range of cupcakes all of which I’d like to try. These were fairly easy to put together and tasted great. It was like eating Kinder in cupcake form 😀




Click HERE to view Sallys Baking Addiction

Click HERE to view Cupcake Jemme



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