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When I heard that L’Oréal were launching Mud Masks, you can just imagine the excitement because I haven’t really found any good mud masks (that too at reasonable, affordable prices). So obviously, girls got to get her hands on these babies!

What were my first thoughts? I absolutely loved the packaging! A cute glass pot with a shiny green lid. It was going to look puuurfect on my cosmetics shelf! So anyways, after unwrapping it and taking the pot out of the box, I opened the lid and to be completely honest, I was slightly disappointed at the amount of clay that was inside. On the box it claims it can be used up to 10 times (full face!), but guess what? It’s actually lasted me longer! All that disappointment for nothing!

Keep reading for individual reviews on all 3 Pure Clay Mud Masks.




This was the first one that I bought. The Eucalyptus extract in this one was so amazing! That tingly sensation on your face just gets the magic going, and you know this is going to do some real good. It feels so creamy and rubs into your face so well. Though, I must warn you, this dries up quite quickly so you’ll need to be fast with applying it otherwise it just looks super odd when one half of your face is still shiny, and the other half beginning to harden (LOL!). A couple of minutes in, the tingly sensation begins –  that’s your cue to kick back with some cucumbers on your eyes and let the magic begin!

10 minutes later, the clay hardened, and it was time to wash it all off. Believe me when I say this, THE MOISTURE WAS AWESOME! I have dry skin, so you just know that this was a big thumb’s up for me. I didn’t even feel the need to moisturise my face after taking this off because the mask did it for me (so didn’t expect that!)

From the first use, I noticed a difference. My skin began to feel smooth, as well as look clean, fresh and pure, just as they promised.



So, after the success of the first mask I tried by L’Oréal , I just knew I had to get my hands on this one also. It was sold out FOR WEEKS! L’Oréal didn’t even have any left in their stock, so it took a while to come back out. That for me was a good sign – a promising product I hope! After a tough couple of weeks with revision, deadlines and more revision, I got my hands on this and decided it was time for DETOX.

Ah, this bad boy! I think I love it better than the Purity Mask, honestly! With this one, I’d say, a small amount goes a long way – seriously! You know that excess amount you get on the lid when you first open up a product? That was enough to cover my entire face. It’s extremely pigmented (can I even say that for a mask?!), and just glides onto your skin. This one was fun to apply. It doesn’t drag or dry as fast as the Purity Mask, so I didn’t feel the need to rush with this one.

After washing it off, 10 minutes later, I noticed that this one also has a good moisture to it, though not as amazing as the Purity Mask. This time, I did have to moisturise. I noticed that the redness I have around my nose and my mouth started to fade. Even the tiny little blackheads on my nose began to look less visible. Also, my face stopped looking so oily from the heat we’re currently experiencing here in the UK – bonus!!

BUT…one thing that annoyed me about this one? – the effort to wash it off. Oh. My. Days. I literally turned my skin black when I rinsed it off, also having to really dig my fingers into my skin to make sure it all came off properly. Otherwise, laaaav it!



This was the only mask left I had yet to try out of the three. If I’m being completely honest, this mask didn’t excite me as much as the other two did. Don’t get me wrong; the results were amazing as expected. However, there are two things about this mask I didn’t like:

  1. The texture of it – it just felt so icky and grainy, hence causing issues when I was applying it on my face
  2. The colour is nice, but not for my skin tone boy. I could barely tell if I’d applied it

Overall, it’s a good product, but I don’t think I’ll be buying this one again any time soon, or maybe ever again.

L’Oréal Paris – Purchase Clay Masks Here





  1. Aamenah
    December 27, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    This post is so amazing! Literally just ordered all 3.
    Thanks gorgeous! Xxxxx

    • JMA
      December 27, 2016 / 8:10 pm

      Haha, anytimeee bub 💜

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